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Sep 24, 2012 7:00am PDT
during a debate in michigan. >> it's three agencies that are gone when i get there, it's commerce sand education and -- what's the third one there -- commerce, and education and -- what's the third one? [laughter] >> he blames that on emotional distress. they are claiming that he had a mild case of sleep apnea that resulted in tiredness. >>> "the new york daily news" obtained arnold schwarzenegger's new book. in the week, schwarzenegger says he told his wife, maria shriver, the truth in january of '11. he said he -- was in a counseling session. he said he knew the boy was his. he said this was politically acceptable because he had not campaigned on family values. >>> a flight attendant claiming a lot of ipad has -- a -- claiming an ipad was lost has kept it for herself. she claims she planned it turn it in but police say they found her personal information on it. the owner used an app to help police found that ipad. >>> a gun accidentally went off the philadelphia international airport yesterday but luckily no one was hurt. the tsa says screeners saw a loaded gun inside of a flight att
Sep 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
's gonna fix the troubled u.s. immigration system in a speech in front of the chamber of commerce of los angeles. he said if elected, he will make a priority and also said that president obama has not delivered on his promise of meaningful immigration reform. >>> we have new video of damage from anti-japanese protests. ransacked protests damaged plants. both china and japan claim ownership of the island. >> it's in everybody's interest for japan and china to maintain good relations and to find a way to avoid further escalation. >> chinese demonstrators also marched outside the japanese embassy in beijing. the islands at the center of the dispute are in popular fishing waters. they are also believed to be rich in oil resources. whoever owns the -- owns the islands will get the rights to the fish and china. china has military ships patrolling the island. >>> a 17-day tour begins today where this woman will be honored and presented with congress's highest award for her dramatic journey from political prison. she will tour communities where she lived in the late 1960s. >>> this morning, chic
Sep 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
-old man was shot inside a home on commerce way near santa anita park. we've been told the gunman walked out of the house, got into a ford econoline van and drove away. he's described as african american, 6 feet tall with dread locks and goatee. >>> three colorado movie-goers injured during gunfire at a midnight showing of the dark rises have filed lawsuits, claiming the theater failed to provide adequate security. 24-year-old james holmes faces multiple charges of murder and attempted murder in that case. >>> the owner of the theater where the shooting happened says it will likely reopen early next year. the announcement comes after aurora mayor stephen hogan wrote the ceo of cinemark, saying the community wanted the theater to reopen. >> when something bad happens, you try to make a positive out of it. i think it is a good idea to, you know, have it reopen. >> hogan has also suggested putting up a memorial inside that theater. >>> a wal-mart security guard was killed in a shooting at a miami area store. the discount chain says the man who was trying to steal undershirts in march gate,
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
4. this morning, the commerce department had good news from the housing market. construction of new homes went up 2.3%. mostly because of the biggest increase in construction of single family homes in more than two years. but, housing starts remain at about half the pace of a healthy economy, and the number of permits for new construction fell 1 percent. u.s. sales of previously occupied homes jumped last month to the highest level in more than two years. earlier this morning, the national association of realtors released the report. it shows the sales rose 7.8%, the highest increase since may of 2010. home sales have been on a gradual but steady increase since january. >>> time 8:44. up to date on some other top stories. a live picture on the ground, the "endeavour" just landed in houston, texas, a couple of minutes ago when you were watching it live here on mornings on 2. "endeavour" has been riding on the back of a 747 just landed. it's due to arrive in los angeles, it's final destination here friday. it will be the first time that a space shuttle has been seen in the skies in th
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
of commerce has been working for more than a yoo year now to try to attract more nonretail businesses. >>> if you are flying out of san francisco international airport. you can expect some flight delays. this is the third week in a row that crews will install new runway lights an upgrade safety systems. one of the main runways will close at 10:00 tonight and reopen at 8:00 a.m. this is likely to cause delays. i believe this is the third and final weekend this is happened -- this is happening. >>> hey, sal, you have things happening on the roads now. >> northbound 680 we have the offturned ice cream truck that's been there for about a half-hour, 30 minutes. that's at rutgear road. the southbound direction is also affect. traffic is quickly backing up. let's move along and take a look at westbound westbound -- bay bridge. that traffic is backed up for a 20-minute delay. no major problems as you make it on the span. checking out san jose, that's improved quite a bit. it has not been crowded throughdown town -- downtown. we'll take that, thank you very much. getting into the valley is a l
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5